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Lighting Design

At Samantha White Interiors we understand that imaginative lighting can transform a residential or commercial interior design scheme, in the same way that furnishings and interior decoration set a style. A good lighting design is so intertwined with the building that it is an integral part to any interior design project.

An effective lighting design is not just about introducing light into a space, but rather an appreciation of how the space will be used. The creative use of lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of an interior at the touch of a button. With recent advances in lighting, it is more important than ever to carefully consider lighting design.

Our residential and commercial lighting design service will provide a functional and comfortable environment to suit your needs. We can help you design every aspect of your lighting to give your residential property or commercial premises the desired results and we will always work within your budget and timescale.

We offer a FREE initial consultation, where we will discuss in depth lighting design ideas, timescale and budget. Together we will produce a design brief from the information provided during your consultation. We will discuss in detail our design services and fees, which are all transparent from the outset so you can incorporate this within your budget without any hidden extras.

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We offer a FREE consultation

To discuss your project and a range of services from design and sourcing furnishings through to project management and styling.

From design to completion

At Samantha White Interiors we understand the challenges our client’s face which is why we are happy to collaborate with your architects and builders, source your furniture, soft furnishings and accessories and see your project through to completion.

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